Ink Printing Tips


Yes, it really does make a difference if you use HP paper with your Epson printer or visa versa. You will yield the best results if you use the paper that has been formulated for your make of printer. Because of chemical compatibility between the ink and the paper, the right match makes for better print quality and a longer life for the print.

To keep your printer cartridges at its best performance, you will need to occasionally perform maintenance and cleaning. All printers come with software that automates this process. It usually takes just a few sheets of paper and a few minutes but it can make all the difference in your output. If you notice a problem with the cartridge, perform the maintenance tasks to see if that solves the problem. Here are some of the diagnostics most printers can run and use to correct problems so that you can continue to print high quality output.

Do you see lines or gaps, either horizontally or vertically, across your prints? It is likely that the print heads are out of alignment. A simple diagnostic will most likely correct the problem.

Are you missing colors or do some of the colors appear dull? Perform this test to check the print head nozzles. Your printer will put out a set of lines and colors, and you will use your computer interface to tell your printer which print looks the best. That allows the utility to determine and correct the problem. If the printer's diagnostic page prints gaps, you need to perform a nozzle check.

Note: Some color cartridges contain four or more colors per cartridge. If you tend to use more of one particular color, it is likely you will run out of that color before the others. If this happens, regardless of how much ink is in the other color chambers, it is time to replace the cartridge. Now there are printers that allow you to purchase individual color cartridges that save you money in the long run by preventing this waste.

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